Exam Board: Edexcel

A-Level Mathematics is where Maths becomes more advanced and a lot more interesting! Important topics like calculus, algebraic graphs and trigonometry are studied in the core Maths section and these enable you to solve new and challenging problems.

The statistics unit teaches you how to test hypotheses reliably. All sciences, from Geography to economics to particle physics need statistical proof. Finally, the mechanics section teaches you the mathematics behind a lot of what you learn in physics and engineering.

Maths is a fun but very challenging qualification, which is why we ask for a minimum of a grade 6 in GCSE maths but would encourage anyone with less than grade 7 to consider carefully before choosing the course. It is a subject that requires real commitment and love of maths as ingredients for success. 


100% examination


Our general entry requirements are that you will need a minimum of five Grade 6s in your GCSEs to study A-Levels.

However, to study A-Level maths you must also have a minimum grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics.