Exam Board: AQA

Geography at A-Level provides a detailed yet holistic approach to Geography, building on the fundamentals learnt at GCSE. Students study topics varying from the ‘typical’ coasts and hazards to changing places, water and carbon cycles plus global systems and global governance, which looks not only at the issues of globalisation and trade markets, but also the ownership issues of ‘global commons’ such as Antarctica.

The 3,000–4,000-word NEA provides excellent fieldwork opportunities to investigate a hypothesis of your choosing which links to any part of the specification, whilst applying and developing research, enquiry and practical skills. The course sets students up with transferable but also subject specific skills and knowledge to prepare them for higher education or employment.


80% examination
20% coursework


Our general entry requirements are that you will need a minimum of five Grade 6s in your GCSEs to study A-Levels.

You do not need to have studied Geography at GCSE but it is recommended.