Core Maths: Level 3 Mathematical Studies

Exam Board: AQA

The study of Core Maths has grown dramatically over the last few years as students, universities and employers have identified the high mathematical demand in other fields of study. Businesses need their employees to understand the language and workings of finance; Engineering companies want to see their incoming trainees coming in with a confident feel for making well informed estimates and all branches of the biological and social sciences at university need their students to be well versed in statistical analysis.

The emphasis of the core maths course lies heavily on recognising the role of mathematics in the real world. You explore possible strategies in critical analysis of the information we read, enabling you to develop your mathematical modelling, evaluating and reasoning skills. Confidence in personal finance and taxation form an important aspect of the course and students are encouraged to relate this to their own personal experience and future plans.


100% examination, summer year 12


Students taking Core Mathematics, must be secure in the GCSE Mathematics syllabus content at foundation tier, evident in at least a grade 4 GCSE Mathematics result. The nature of the course is that there is limited new mathematical content from GCSE (although there is some).

Where can it lead?

Core Maths is ideal for students who want to demonstrate to both universities and employers that they have good mathematical skills, but who do not want to take A level maths or who feel they would not get the level of grades they want in it.

Business, engineering, science and medicine based career ambitions would all be supported by taking core maths.