Welcome to our Transition 2020 portal.

Here you'll find lots of important information to ease the transition to NUAST over the coming months. We would have loved to meet you all face to face as we have in previous years, but hopefully you will find the presentations and resources we have included here useful in making your decision.

There are also some very important forms to complete to help make enrolment in August easier. These include your admissions form and medical form, which will need to be done and submitted before you come into school with your results to formally enroll. If you are unable to complete these forms in one sitting, then click the 'Save Forms' button at any time. This will save all the information you have already entered and send you a unique code via e-mail to be able to access it at a later date.

Your forms will be saved for 7 days from the time that you save them.

Andy Edwards
Head of Sixth Form

Let me introduce myself: I am Andy Edwards, the Head of Post 16 at NUAST. I have been at NUAST almost since we opened and have had the pleasure of seeing many very successful year groups achieve their ambitions with our support. I am really looking forward to helping you to achieve your dreams and be successful. Please see my short introduction below to our fantastic sixth form.

Jason Nichols
Head of Year 12

In terms of formalities, my name is Jason Nichols and I’ll be your HOY during your time at NUAST. I also teach business and economics at A level so some of you might see me more than you might want!

As I write this, we all find ourselves in unprecedented times. I only hope you have managed to look after yourself and your families are safe and well. It has not been easy and we can only hope things get back soon to the way life was before this all happened. Taking the positives, I believe many young people have shown great resilience and a determination to keep a healthy mind set during these very challenging times. This is testament to you all and I know this experience will make us all stronger one way or another. I am sure some of you have had to take on extra responsibilities, whether that be working, supporting your family or doing something valuable within your local community. This in itself shows independence and a willingness to do what is necessary in times of need. Credit to you all.

We all know how important your further education is and here at NUAST staff will be working hard to make sure you realise your potential and are able to take the next step, whether that be studying at university, starting an apprenticeship or starting full time work. Whichever route, the sixth form team will support, advice and guide you throughout the next two years.

The way I see my role in a nutshell is to work with your tutor team to make sure, first and foremost, you are happy, secondly, you are taking responsibility for your learning and doing what is expected of you and thirdly, you feel supported when things aren’t quite going the way you would like. Inevitably, there are likely to be a few bumps along the way because further education is challenging. Therefore, we want to encourage a culture of open communication, where you feel comfortable to talk to us about any problems you feel are impacting on your ability to learn and flourish as a NUAST sixth form student.

Finally, I want to end by wishing you all a great summer break. You deserve it, even though some of you might feel you’ve already had an extended holiday, we all know this isn’t really the case. I really look forward to welcoming you all in person come September. Take care and stay safe.

Oh, yes. Please take a look at your subject summer/bridging task. We strongly recommend you complete it to help you feel some familiarity with learning again and also feel you at least have some idea of what you are letting yourself in for!

See you soon.

Our website is full of useful information for parents and pupils. Here are a few links to some of the most important for new Year 12s.

NUAST is a small academy and we make sure we know our students and understand their needs as young adults and as learners. We understand the importance of a pastoral system which will support students as and when required. Students will be assigned to a tutor group and will see their tutor a minimum of twice during each day. The tutor will be the first contact for all pastoral concerns for you.

Students will have access to the Head of Sixth Form and Careers, (Mr Edwards) and students should not hesitate to see him if they need support with either pastoral or careers guidance. Students also have access to their head of year (Mr Nicholls for Year 12, Miss Jones for Year 13), their dedicated tutor, our Pastoral Support Officer, subject staff, our SENCO if required and Designated Safeguarding Leads. NUAST has established excellent links with outside agencies to supplement the pastoral support we can provide and we are aiming to be able to provide some in-school counselling for the 2020-21 academic year through our close collaboration with the University of Nottingham.

Andy Edwards
Head of Sixth Form
Jason Nichols
Head of Year 12
Katie Jones
Head of Year 13
Sally Fountain
Safeguarding Lead
Georgina Turgoose

At NUAST, we promote an inclusive educational environment in which we support and encourage all pupils to achieve their potential. Quality teaching is vital and NUAST’s belief is that all students attend all lessons. However, for some pupils there are occasions when additional SEND support inside or outside of the classroom may be required to help them achieve their targets.

COVID-19 has forced us all to temporarily change how we do things. Our year groups will be in bubbles, with the sixth form able to "bubble" together. We are putting in place contingencies to try and ensure there will be as few changes to our normal working day as possible. Social distancing and cleaning will take place as per the government guidance. We are currently working through a number of different solutions to ensure safety and we may make some minor changes to the timings of the school day to support our students who travel long distances.

In the event of a second national lockdown or a local lockdown, we already have in place a very effective system of remote teaching via Microsoft Teams. This has proved successful with our current students who, despite the lockdown, are in a very good curriculum position.

Our teachers have put together a series of short lesson segments for you to be able to see a little bit of what A Level and BTEC teaching at NUAST is like.

Some of these taster lessons show us teaching directly to the camera; some are sections from lessons this summer with socially distanced classes. These are unusual situations, so while the atmosphere in the classroom might not be exactly as it would be in a normally distanced classroom, you can get an idea of what lessons might be like. The teachers will introduce their lesson to you at the start of each video.

Unfortunately, we were not able to include taster lessons in all subjects, but hopefully most of your favourites are here.


BTEC Applied Science

BTEC Engineering



Computer Science

English Literature

Further Maths







Meet some of our fantastic students as they tell you what a day in the life at NUAST looks like and offer their own advice for students looking to start A level study.

To help our new students transition to A-Level during the COVID-19 lockdown and the absence of Year 11 teaching, our teachers have devised a series of ‘Flying Start’ packs for each subject, including the Extended Project Qualification.

Our Flying Start packs are here to help you prepare for this big transition. In each pack you will find some vital information about your subject:

  • What the subject looks like day to day in lessons
  • The folder, marking and homework requirements of each subject
  • What ‘100% effort’ looks like in each subject and how much time you should be putting in
  • The specification

In addition, each subject has prepared Flying Start summer preparation work that you should aim to complete for the start of term. This is work our teachers have prepared for you that will enable you to keep practicing the subject and have important knowledge ready for the start of your A levels. You will find this work at the end of each flying start pack.

Click here to access the Flying Start packs

Our Live Q and A with Andy Edwards, Head of NUAST Post 16, took place on 15th July. Please click the button below to access the full transcript.

Click here to access the Live Q and A Transcript

NUAST takes pride in our careers guidance and have an excellent track record of ensuring high ambitions in our students. In 2019/20 we had 14 applicants for Oxbridge and 10 for medicine, with a number of successful applications that puts us among the very best state schools in Nottinghamshire.

We have dedicated sessions to teach students how to apply for UCAS, as well as a programme for medicine students and for Oxbridge students which include, where possible, mock interviews. We take part on the Cambridge HE+ scheme, WAMS (Widening Access to Medical School) and Into University, who support our widening participation students. We encourage our students to take part in online webinars in their chosen subjects and advertise these frequently, while many of our students take part in masterclasses at both local universities.

All our students have the opportunity for at least one individual careers interview with an independent careers advisor, and job interview practice with real local STEM employers is offered through our annual careers convention.

We operate a work experience window of 12 months for students to find a valuable placement and are happy to support as much work experience as students are able to find.

NUAST uses a powerful careers package called Unifrog which gives students access to up to date information on university courses and apprenticeship vacancies, as well as extensive access to MOOCS, a careers library and software to help write the UCAS personal statement or apprenticeship applications. We are also using the KUDOS software this year to guide students who may not entirely know what they want to do.

NUAST differs from some other colleges and sixth forms in our expectation of students completing a full working day in school. This means that students are expected to remain in school from 8.30am through to the time school finishes (3.00pm Monday-Thursday 2.15pm Friday). Students are permitted to leave at break and for the duration of their lunchtime if they wish. It is important that students know this about life at NUAST; we consider the school day to be one of work and students do not come and go over the course of the day. There may be very limited exceptions due to exceptional circumstances or opportunities, which would be negotiated with the head of sixth form.

For this reason, punctuality is considered to be one of the key professional skills we wish to engender in our students. We require you at NUAST punctually for the start of the working day, where you will receive key messages, be told of opportunities and be given important training for the future within your tutor set. Likewise, we expect punctuality to students returning from lunch. This is a key aspect of life here and you will be under the same expectations of punctuality (and attendance) as any employee in the workplace.

As a student here, you will have both lessons and study periods throughout the day. Study periods are unsupervised and can be taken in our sixth form workroom, one of the open breakout areas or any of the computer areas. Students at NUAST can also apply to be on an approved list to use the facilities of the University of Nottingham libraries, and are permitted to leave the NUAST building to do so.

If you have already been offered a place at NUAST then we would invite you to fill in the three forms below now in advance. We require your admissions form, your medical form and your consent forms prior to being able to confirm your place at NUAST after GCSE results day. If you later choose not to take your place at NUAST, the school will delete your information.

The enrolment process explained:

  1. You need to have been offered a place at NUAST following an interview or correspondence with the head of sixth form.
  2. You will need to complete the admissions form, the medical form and the Student consent form. Completing these forms does not guarantee you a place at NUAST; all places are conditional on meeting the minimum GCSE requirements for the sixth form and for the subjects you have chosen (please see https://nuast.org.uk/year12.php). In order for your place to be confirmed, you will need to bring your GCSE results in for validation.
  3. Enrolment and validation of results: Enrolment days are August 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th. Please remember, you are not a NUAST student until you have enrolled and had your results validated.
    Having completed the admissions forms, you will need to bring your GCSE results to NUAST to be validated by our team before your place can be confirmed. This is done in person, as we need the opportunity to talk to students about their subject choices and make decisions where perhaps GCSE results are borderline to our requirements. If you have missed the minimum requirements narrowly, I would encourage you to still come in and see us; if we can be flexible we will be, especially where we see potential and desire in a student (unfortunately, if you have a 3 or less in either English or maths we will not be able to uphold an offer).
    Once we have confirmed your GCSE results meet our requirements, you will be invited to make a final choice of subjects; this will allow us to create a timetable for you.
  4. First day of term- once you have filled in the admissions forms, shown us your results and had your place confirmed at enrolment then you are ready for the first day of your exciting NUAST journey, which will be Wednesday 2nd September.

Our normal application process has been suspended due to COVID 19, but we understand that many students may have changed their mind about a place they have been offered elsewhere and may want a place with us.

The good news is, this is still possible, subject to results.

If you have not previously applied but would like a place, please email aedwards@nuast.org. It is important you provide us with your age, your current school, the subjects you want to study and your most recent predicted GCSE grades. This last part is important; offers are conditional on GCSE performance (see https://nuast.org.uk/year12.php for the subject by subject requirements). NUAST will be closed between 18th July- 10th August and there will be no replies to emails in this time.

26th August is our enrolment day for students who have not previously applied. Students are welcome to come into school with their GCSE results and we will decide whether we can offer you a place based on our capacity and your GCSE performance meeting our requirements.

Please note that some subjects are going to be oversubscribed and are very likely to run out of places; particularly BTEC Engineering.

These forms are used to collect information regarding your child and their transition to NUAST and will only be used for this purpose. We need the information collected here to enable us to manage this process effectively. The information is for internal use only and will be stored on our internal servers. This information will be kept in line with our data retention policy.

We will only use your contact details to share information with you that is relevant to this process.

If you have any concerns please contact us before you proceed.

Our full privacy notice is available to download here.

Student's Details

Only if different from legal name given above.

Only if different from legal name given above.

Student's Home Information
Parental Information (First contact)

The first contact detailed above will be used for communication regarding student information (reports, letters etc.) and academy information (newsletters, academy closures etc.).

Please indicate below whether the first contact would like to receive the communications described below:

Parental Information (Second contact)

Please make sure that the second contact detailed below has given you consent to share their information.

Please indicate below whether the second contact would like to receive the communications described below:

Additional Emergency Contacts

Please provide details of up to four additional contacts for use in emergency situations where the first two contacts are unavailable. Please make sure the person(s) detailed below have given you consent to share their information.

Emergency Contact 1
Emergency Contact 2
Emergency Contact 3
Emergency Contact 4
Student's Family Links
Student's Educational History
Student's Ethnic/Cultural Information

This information is not mandatory. If you would prefer not to share any of the information requested below, then please tick the REFUSED box(es).

Student's Travel Arrangements
Student's Lunch Arrangements

If your child was eligible for a Free School Meal at their previous school, please select the School meal (free) option and remember to notify Nottingham City Council that your child has moved to NUAST.

Doctor's Details
Student's Medical Information

Please note: Although we have the facility to store general medication (e.g. paracetamol, ibuprofen etc.), we are unable to administer any medication to students.

We do recommend that with any medication taken on a regular basis, a spare supply is given to the school for use in case of emergencies (e.g. inhaler, EpiPen, migraine treatment etc.) Your child will be responsible for administering this medicine themselves.

Additional or Special Educational Needs
Student's Dietary Requirements