Year 13

Our sixth form

At NUAST Post-16 we aim to provide a focused, professional and high achieving environment in which young people can develop and flourish. Our students wear Business dress for college, just as they would for work and they go about their studies with pride in their professional appearance and conduct. As a result, our Post-16 students are a credit to us and are learning how to instinctively behave in a professional, high performance environment.

Our ethos is very much about opportunity; students are offered a variety of schemes, challenges, opportunities and enrichment activities throughout the year. Our students manage their own time in between lessons and develop the maturity to understand themselves and how many extra-curricular commitments they can make. Our students learn to seize opportunities, work on competitions and challenges that are unrelated to exams and to manage their time effectively.

In Year 13, our students take on both a more professional and leadership-based role around the Academy, acting as role models for younger students. The majority of our Year 13 students will apply to a variety of Universities and we actively encourage students to be aspirational in their ambitions. Other students will apply for Higher Level apprenticeships and we support those students, not only through providing information and opportunities from our link employers but also through quality advice, interview practice and mentoring.

Year 13 tutor team

  • 13.1- Mr Stoker
  • 13.2- Mr Williams
  • 13.3- Mr O'Hare
  • 13.4 Ms Gonzalez
  • 13.5- Mr Beardsall
  • 13.6- Ms Barr

Mentor time

Mentor time is between 8.30-8.45 and is an opportunity for our students to network with each other, have 1-1 mentoring with their tutor and to learn essential working skills. The mentor programme is as follows:

  • Monday-Opportunity of the week- students are presented with a weekly 'opportunity'. This could be a competition, a scheme, a university course, a taster course, an online learning opportunity an apprenticeship or many others.
  • Tuesday- Year Briefing with Head of Year, Mr Edwards.
  • Wednesday- Life Skills- students have a weekly lesson in Mentor time on the life skills they need for their next steps. These sessions include lessons on bank accounts, credit, loans and financial management; renting accommodation, dealing with landlords, setting up utilities, employee rights among many other vital subjects
  • Thursday- mentoring- students are given one to one mentoring appointments while discussing a science or technology story of the week.
  • Friday- Mentoring of year 11- Most year 13 students have a Year 11 mentee that they mentor in this session.

University and Apprenticeships

Around 80% of our students choose to go to university, with the rest choosing a variety of alternative destinations, particularly Higher Apprenticeships.

  • 60% of all university applications made by students are to Russel Group Universities.
  • 65% choose to make at least one University of Nottingham Application and 20% choose University of Nottingham
  • 55% of University applicants go on to attend a Russel Group University.

​*As of 2019

Oxbridge Applications

NUAST has been successful in recent years with Oxbridge applications, and our aim is always to encourage students to aim high and make those applications. A significant percentage of our students (around 10%) make an Oxbridge application.

We work extremely hard with students to make sure they have as much support as possible. This includes:

  • ​Potential students identified early in year 12
  • Participation in Cambridge's HE+ scheme
  • A visit to Oxford University in March
  • A tailored, weekly programme for students who want to apply in the summer term of year 12
  • Mock interviews, both at NUAST and through the University of Nottingham.

​In 2017-18 we had six applications, four interviews and two students successfully won a place.

In 2018-19 we had 9 applicants, 7 interviews and five students won a place.

In 2019-20 we currently have 14 applicants

University applicants- what next?

Many of our Year 13 students are applying to University and receiving offers. This is both an exciting and daunting time, as there is so much to do. What should you do next?

  • Firstly, you need to keep logging on to UCAS track so that you can track your offers. Some universities will write to you with an offer but you are likely to hear about an offer first through Track
  • Carefully study the conditions of the offer in terms of Grades. What do they want you to get in order to secure the place? Is it realistic for you?
  • When you have your offers (it is best to wait for all of them), you then need to decide on a FIRM CHOICE and a RESERVE CHOICE. Your firm choice is the one you want to go to; your reserve is the one you will go to if you don't meet the grades of your firm choice. Your reserve should obviously be a lower grade offer and is a back up for you.
  • You have until 4th May to make your firm and reserve choices. After this date all your choices will be automatically declined.
  • UCAS key dates can be found here
  • You then need to think about applying for student finance- this can be done once you know where you are applying to.
  • UCAS will send you a reminder to do this, but you can also apply or find out more information here:
  • It will be a good idea to contact your university about accommodation in Halls of residence, although usually Universities will contact you about this themselves
  • Get the grades! Results day is 18th August
  • Good luck, and if any students or parents have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr Edwards