Partnership Work

At NUAST, we are proud to work with a wide range of employers and Universities.

Examples of the opportunities available are below.

Speaker/scheme Year groups Type
Doctor for a day scheme All Careers
DANCOP E-Mentoring scheme All Careers
Dr Summers Amanda Knox forensics session All
Medicine Webinar Y12/13 medics Careers
University Search Fair Year 12/13 Careers
Into University personal statement session Y13 selected students Careers
Ambition Nottingham Assembly Y12
Y13 Biosynthesis workshop Y13
WAMS Doctor for a day Simulation Y12/13 Careers
Wams E-mentoring Y12/13 Careers
Army apprenticeships presentation Y12 Careers
IDG Employability workshop Y12 Careers
Visit to China Y13
Into University opening workshop Y12
NTU progression scheme assembly All
Dr Summers 6 week forensics course Y12/13
Careers convention and employer interviews Y13 Careers
Physics Lecture UoN Y13
UoN Mock University Interviews Y13 Careers
Mock MMI Interviews (medicine) Y13 Medicine applicants Careers
Oxbridge mock interviews- UoN Physics and maths departments Y13 Oxbridge applicants Careers
Into Uni personal statement 1-1 sessions Y13 Careers
Into Uni Personal statement session Y12 Careers
Speakers for schools NHS careers talk Y12/13 Careers
Royal Marines workshop Y12/13 Careers
Siemens apprenticeship assembly Y12/13 Careers
Biology university trip Year 13
Vex Robotics competition All Enrichment
Rolls Royce Presentation Y12 Careers
Sutton Trust summer schools scheme Y13
Cambridge summer schools scheme Y13
Nuffield placements scheme Y13
Ideas4careers 1-1 interviews Y12/13 Careers
HE+ Cambridge trip Y12 Careers
Mr Bolton big data talk Y12 Careers
Physics university lecture Y12
Sarah Bardens Apprenticeship talk Y12
Biology University presentation Y12
Vex Robotics national final Y12
Freemason’s goldsmith tour and presentation Y13 Careers
Cambridge university access presentation Y12 Careers
Dan Hayes Flying car presentation Y10/12 Careers
Oxford University Trip Y12 Careers
Psychology MRI/ Brain trip Y13 Enrichment
ASK Apprenticeship assembly and workshops Y12 Careers
Europa Worldwide apprenticeship opportunity Y13 Careers
Andrea Schmilt medical physics careers talk Y12 Careers
HE+ Masterclass day All
Swiftool Precision Engineering workshop visit All
UoN Student finance talk Y13 Careers
UoN Study Skills talk Y13 Enrichment
UoN Civil Engineering day Y12 Careers
UoN Mechanical Engineering day Y12 Careers
Mandarin Lessons Y12 China students Enrichment
UoN Animal Lab visit Y12
Medicine preparation talk Y12 Careers
Oxbridge Preparation Y12 Careers
Into University Leeds ABDOUL day Y12 Careers
UoN How to apply for universities session Y12 Careers
UoN Personal statement session Y12 Careers
Swiftool Precision Engineering interview day Y12 applicants Careers
Cambridge visit Y12 applicants Careers
UCAT Session Y12 Medicine Careers
Post 16 Options assembly- UoN Y11 Careers
NUAST sixth form assembly Y11 Careers
UoN Visit Y11 Careers
UoN Visit Y7
Unifrog launch Y11 Y11 Careers
Unifrog Launch Y10 Y10 Careers
ASK apprenticeships assembly Y11 Careers
Army apprenticeships presentation Y11 Careers
Careers convention and employer interviews Y11 Careers
Inspiring Futures Careers event Y10 Careers
DANCOP careers day Y11 Careers
Royal Marines workshop Y11 Careers
Siemens apprenticeship assembly Y11 Careers
Speakers for Schools- BBC broadcaster visit Y7 Careers
Big Bang Fair trip Year 10 and 11 Careers
Vex Robotics final Year 10 and 12 Enrichment
Rolls Royce Presentation Year 11 Careers
Ideas4careers 1-1 interviews Y10/11 Careers
Big data careers talk Y10 Careers
Rolls Royce trip Y10 Careers
Sarah Bardens Apprenticeship talk Y11 Careers
Vex Robotics national final Y10
Cambridge university access presentation Y10 Careers
Dan Hayes Flying car presentation Y10/12 Careers
Apprenticeship assembly and workshops Y10 Careers
UoN assembly Y7 Careers
Year 10 Interview experience Y10 Careers
Year 10 DANCOP day Y10 Careers

Nottingham University Hospital (QMC) - A&E department

The A&E department from the QMC is working with NUAST to deliver training to our students on first aid and basic life skills. Our Year 10 students are the first to benefit from the training which has been hugely successful. Students now feel equipped to deal with both minor injuries as well as cope with giving CPR.

University of Nottingham, Ambition Nottingham

Ambition Nottingham is a scheme that provides up to date information, advice and guidance to students to ensure they are making informed decisions when choosing future options and to support their current studies. We have specially selected a group of Year 10 students to take part in the scheme, as they have shown an excellent commitment to their studies and demonstrated their potential to progress to higher education.

Students will benefit from an online Exams Tutor subscription, university taster days and GCSE revision days.

Nottingham Trent University Mentoring Scheme

Part of our partnership work with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) involves our Year 10 and Year 11 students benefiting from one-to-one mentoring sessions from trained mentors, from NTU. The sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and may involve revision and study strategies, careers advise and subject specific tutoring.

Careers Convention -

In November we held our first “Careers Convention” at NUAST. This involved all students from Years 11 and 13. The convention was launched by a STEM ambassador, who talked about how to impress an employer and top tips for interviews. All students then took part in a practice interview given by our partners Siemens and Experian as well as participating in a series of workshops delivered by independent Career Advice and Guidance Practitioners. Workshops focused on career planning with a focus on science, engineering and IT, apprenticeships and higher education courses.

Visit to NUAST by Martin Ivens (Editor of Sunday Times)

NUAST hosted a visit from Martin Ivens who is the Editor for the Sunday Times. Martin had a tour of the building, visited some classes and spoke to students during an “Ask the Editor” session. Students enjoyed speaking to Martin and learnt about his work in editing the paper as well as how he stays informed about it’s readership in a digital world.

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