Joining NUAST in Year 10

Studying in Year 10 and 11 at NUAST is a little different from a traditional secondary school. We know that by Year 10 most students are ready to be given more responsibility and a greater challenge.

Year 10 students at NUAST are treated like adults. From wearing a business suit rather than a uniform, through to giving every student supervised study time during the day, we believe that the more responsibility a student is given, the more they will take responsibility for their own future.

Through our enrichment programme we offer every student the chance to be creative and enterprising. Our enrichment activities demand leadership, imagination and flexibility. They teach our students how to work in a team and approach any challenge with self-confidence.

Our partnerships with local and national businesses, coupled with the support and engagement of The University of Nottingham means that NUAST students will have a unique opportunity to access a whole range of exciting and inspiring learning experiences outside the classroom.

Our curriculum offers every student the chance to study the EBacc curriculum whilst specialising in Science, Engineering or Computing. We don’t offer all the subjects you might find in your local secondary school. Instead we provide a suite of complimentary options that will equip our students with a set of qualifications perfect for further study in their chosen field.

Core curriculum

At NUAST, all our students have the opportunity to study the group of subjects designated by the government as EBacc.

EBacc stands for ‘English Baccalaureate’ and is described by the government as “the core academic subjects at Key Stage 4”. The EBacc is made up of English, mathematics, history or geography, two sciences and a language.

NUAST offers the following subjects at GCSE. We are unique in our commitment to science and all of our students study a third science in addition to the EBacc requirement:


  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE English Language and Literature
  • GCSE Triple Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Core Physical Education


  • History
  • Geography
  • Spanish
  • Business Studies
  • Product Design
  • Computer Science
  • Photography
  • Media Studies

For details of specific examination boards, please contact us.


The opportunity to study engineering at GCSE level is just another provision that sets NUAST aside from other local providers.

You will study the OCR Cambridge National qualification in Engineering. This course is worth three GCSE grades and will give you the chance to work closely with our industry partners.

You will study:

  • Engineering Design
  • Engineering Manufacture
  • System Control in Engineering

In addition you will study GCSEs in Science, English, Maths, History and a Modern Foreign Language.


Whether at GCSE or A Level, NUAST offers each science as a discrete subject, providing students with the qualifications to gain access to leading universities nationally and internationally.

GCSE (Level 2 Qualifications)

At GCSE level, NUAST offers each of the science disciplines as a discrete subject. This provides you with an in-depth understanding of the sciences and allows you to focus on a particular scientific specialism at A Level.

In addition to physics, chemistry and biology, computer science is also offered as an option subject. Combined with English, maths and a modern foreign language, this suite of subjects delivers a rounded education for any student seeking a career in science, engineering or computing.

To complete the curriculum, GCSE level students will select a specialist pathway. There are two pathway choices, each providing an additional four GCSEs.

You can choose between engineering and computing/IT. Each course will deliver an OCR Cambridge National qualification with the computing pathway also delivering GCSE computing.


With chronic skills shortages in computing and IT there has never been a better time to study these subjects. At NUAST you can study computing and IT as a specialist subject at GCSE and Post 16 level.

GCSE (Level 2 Qualifications)

At GCSE level, NUAST offers the OCR Cambridge National qualification in IT/Computer Science. This course covers three subject areas and is the equivalent to three GCSEs. You will study:

  • GCSE Computing
  • Cambridge National iMedia
  • Cambridge National ICT

And be able to choose as an option:

  • Cambridge National Systems Control

This will provide you with a set of qualifications widely recognised by employers and universities as the best vocational training at this level.

You will also be working with industry partners throughout the course gaining invaluable experience of workplace practices.