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Internation Women in Engineering Day - TARMAC Event

NUAST are very pleased to be able to offer our students in Year 12 and 13 the opportunity to explore the range of career opportunities available within the TARMAC company.

Students have been invited to attend a careers day held at Barnstone Cement Works. Chris Stephens the plant manager explains that 'Our aim for the day is to give students an insight to the cement manufacturing process, and to showcase the wealth of opportunities available to them within our company. When people think of cement, they may think we just dig up rocks and grind it into a powder and that’s it! The truth is, Cement is a complex process and requires many skills to manufacture.'

He explains that the company need:

  • Scientist Teams

  • Engineer Teams

  • Production Teams

  • Finance Teams

  • Human Resources Teams

  • Safety & Environmental Teams

  • Quality Teams

  • Sales Teams

  • Logistics team.... the list goes on!

Students will be introduced to guest speakers from the plant who will give you a highlight of the roles they do, and why they enjoy them! Students will tour the plant to see manufacturing in action.

Interested students should inform Mr Edwards as soon as possible.

October 2018


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