Pupil Reports

An introduction to NUAST reporting and Parents' Evenings

NUAST students will receive three reports each academic year. Each term students will be given information on their performance at progress check points. These are clearly communicated to students. Students should aim to improve by 2 sub-levels per year in Key Stage 4.

We will also send home a written report once a year. This will be a more detailed summary of student progress and conduct. In addition there will be a Parents' Evening for each year group over the course of the year.

Assessement Point Reports

The NUAST progress check reports will contain the following information:

Current Attainment Level (CAL) is given for each subject, which will be reported with sub-levels. Your CAL shows how well you have worked over the last term. Your CAL will be reported three times each year.

Effort is reported as a grade from 5 to 1, with 5 being best and 1 poorest. If you have been given grades of 1 or 2, your progress is at risk and you need to improve in order to reach your targets.

Independent Study is reported as a grade from 5 to 1, with 5 being best and 1 poorest. If you have been given grades of 1 or 2, you have not been completing and submitting your independent study work regularly. Completing homework will improve your grades, help improve your organisational skills and your overall final examination result.

Predicted Grades are reported. These show what grade you are likely to reach at the end of the year 11 for a key stage 4 report and at AS and A2 for sixth form study.

Parents' Evenings

Each year group will have a Parent's Evening during the course of an academic year. You will be notified of the evening well in advance and your child will make appointments with all their class teachers.

On the evening NUAST will be open from 5pm and we will endeavour to keep to schedule although delays can occur. We would advise parking in the QMC Visitors car park (payment required) or in the University of Nottingham car parks which are free after 4pm.

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