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Year 10 students from NUAST clean-up Dunkirk

On Monday the 12th .of June, 16 students from Year 10 at NUAST carried out an environmental audit in the streets around the Academy looking for issues affecting the local community. From the audit, they found items left from a recent disturbance, issues with overgrown weeds, litter and rubbish, such as bottles, beer cans and cigarette butts. All this information was passed onto the City Council Street Scene team who actioned it.

So on Thursday the 22nd of June 3 girls, Vinnie Brown, Zara Kausar and Duaai Muslimeen, local councillors, the local Community Protection Officer and the City Council Street Scene team all ventured out into Dunkirk with black bin liners, litter pickers and bright orange jackets. They spent an hour of their time cleaning up the locality and making it a better place for those living there and the visitors to NUAST.

When we asked them about the experience, we got positive feedback. Vinnie Brown, 15, said, “It has changed my views regarding the environment and opened my eyes to the severity of littering in Nottingham and how it could affect lives.”

Zara Kausar, 15, told us, “It was interesting to talk to the Community Protection Officer about how we can improve the local environment as I live in this area and I’m very passionate about ensuring my community is a friendly place to live in.”

Duaai Muslimeen, 14, said, “It was a real eye-opener to see how environmental issues can affect people and their lives. It was an opportunity I won’t forget because it was really great to see the local community appreciate our work. I just want to continue making Dunkirk a better place.”

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