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A Level Results Day

A level results day is 16th August. NUAST will be open from 7.30am and we highly recommend students get here early. Things to remember: ‚Äč

· You may know whether you have gotten into your choice of university before you arrive. Emails go out from the universities overnight.

· Please do not wait up till midnight to check your email though- if things have gone the way you want you won’t sleep, and if they haven’t it will be hours before you can do anything about it.

· If you have got your place, come in and enjoy your results and celebrate with us!

· If you have not got your place, come into NUAST early, and preferably bring a copy of the Telegraph (which has the clearing guide) if you can (we will also have copies). We will have a dedicated computer and phone area for you to use for clearing if it is needed. Clearing goes live at 8am and the university phone lines do get jammed as the day goes on.

· Remember, there is a very good chance of you getting a place in clearing as long as your results are reasonable.

· In a lot of cases you will be given your place even if you just miss out on the results you needed

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