Year 7 Applications

Applications for Year 7 places (starting September 2021)

To apply to NUAST for a place in Year 7 you will need to go online and submit your application through the Nottingham City Council application system or the Nottinghamshire County Council application system (To apply through other local authorities use the links below). Applications for Year 7 entry cannot be made directly to NUAST.

Nottingham City Council Applications

Nottingham City Council generally consider applications after the 31 October to be 'late', however NUAST does not consider any application late. Early applications are advised, particularly with the school growing and this also means you will receive a response from Nottingham City Council more quickly.

If you apply to NUAST before the October deadline, you can expect to receive a confirmation from Nottingham City Council before the Easter holiday. Applications received from November onwards will be dealt with in the spring and summer term.

Upon receiving confirmation from Nottingham City Council that your child has been offered a place, it is important that you confirm the offer with them directly by calling 0115 841 5568 or emailing

Nottinghamshire County Council Applications

Nottinghamshire County Council consider applications to be late if applying after the 31 October, however you can still apply to NUAST throughout the academic year for entry in September.

To apply via Nottinghamshire County Council we would recommend contacting their Admissions Team on 0300 500 80 80 in the first instance for guidance on how to apply.

Once we have received official confirmation from your Local Authority that your application has been successful we will be in touch to invite you into NUAST to meet staff, fellow students and begin the transition process for your September start.

Local Authority Links

NUAST operates a fair banding system for all applicants living within our 25-mile catchment area.

‘In-year’ applications during current academic year

If you want to join during the current academic year, you will need to apply directly to the academy for a place (which will then be an "in-year" application). To apply from September onwards, complete our online contact form in the first instance giving details of your request.

"In year" applications are for those children looking to transfer from one school to another within the current academic year (for example, they have already started their studies at their current school).

Once your initial enquiry has been submitted we will contact you and invite you and your child to a meeting with the Principal. Full details will be sent to you upon application.

Year 12 Applications

The regular year 12 application process for 2020-2021 is now complete.

Our normal application process has been suspended due to COVID 19, but we understand that many students may have changed their mind about a place they have been offered elsewhere and may want a place with us.

The good news is, this is still possible, subject to results.

If you have not previously applied but would like a place, please email It is important you provide us with your age, your current school, the subjects you want to study and your most recent predicted GCSE grades. This last part is important; offers are conditional on GCSE performance (see our Year 12 page for the subject by subject requirements). NUAST will be closed between 18th July- 10th August and there will be no replies to emails in this time.

26th August is our enrolment day for students who have not previously applied. Students are welcome to come into school with their GCSE results and we will decide whether we can offer you a place based on our capacity and your GCSE performance meeting our requirements.

Please note that some subjects are going to be oversubscribed and are very likely to run out of places; particularly BTEC Engineering.

The application process for 2021-2022 will open in September.