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Welcome to the Humanities department. We offer Geography, History and Philosophy & Ethics at NUAST.


Curriculum Intent: Geography

Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. Studying Geography gives students the opportunity to get to grips with some of the big questions which affect our world, and understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes which shape and change our world.

Geography at NUAST develops curious and investigative learners who utilise critical and evaluative thinking skills from a geographical perspective. Our students grow their cultural capital through experiences and the knowledge rich curriculum which addresses human, physical and environmental geography. The curriculum provides holistic knowledge enabling students to develop an understanding of geographical landscapes and issues in the UK and within a global context. We nurture a responsible, ethical attitude in our students to the world around them.

We aim to inspire further study of Geography beyond the bounds of a classroom, ensuring that students have an awareness of employment opportunities and career pathways; the research and study skills that are developed support learning in further and higher education, and employment.


Curriculum Intent: History

Studying History develops a wide range of skills; the ability to locate, study and interpret written and visual material, in order to extract evidence and meaning. Historians are adept at contextualisation, analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking. This makes people who study this subject strong communicators.

History at NUAST develops critical, curious and well informed students, who learn from and recognise the lessons of our collective past. Our curriculum provides rich historical knowledge with schemes of learning developing from chronological depth and breadth studies to thematic studies, placing a strong emphasis on cultural capital as the curriculum progresses.

Our approach embeds analytical, evaluative and summative skills which are specific to the discipline of history whilst also being transferrable across NUAST’s curriculum, higher education and careers. We support students in developing a critical eye towards not only past events but present ones; giving them the tools to make them more immune to “fake news” and propaganda, while also making students into effective and passionate defenders of their evidence-based opinions.

Philosophy and Ethics

Curriculum Intent: Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy uses the tools of logic and reason to analyse the ways in which humans experience the world. Philosophy teaches us how to write clearly, and to read closely, with a critical eye; so that we can spot bad reasoning, and how to avoid it in our own work.

Philosophy and Ethics at NUAST develops students into tolerant, kind, inclusive and non-judgmental individuals who understand more about themselves, each other and the world we share. Whilst our curriculum meets the statutory requirement of the Nottinghamshire agreed syllabus to provide Religious Education, Philosophy and Ethics is not exclusive to religion. We encourage all students to be independent ‘big thinkers’ by engaging in healthy discussion and debate, present reasoned arguments and respectfully question ideas, in essence they will learn to argue politely.

Students’ cultural capital is broadened through their experiences of different religious, moral and ethical opinions through discussion. By studying Philosophy and Ethics we develop moral and empathetic citizens capable of functioning effectively in our diverse world and workplaces.

Key Dates

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Monday 23rd May 2022GCSE Geography Exam Paper 1
Physical Geography
Thursday 26th May 2022A-Level History Paper 1
The Tudors: England, 1485 - 1603
Friday 27th May 2022A level Geography Exam Paper 1
Physical Geography
Tuesday 7th June 2022GCSE Geography Exam Paper 2
Human Geography
Wednesday 8th June 2022A Level Geography Exam Paper 2
Human Geography
Friday 10th June 2022A-Level History Paper 2
Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918 - 1945
Tuesday 14th June 2022GCSE Geography Paper 3
Issue Evaluation and Fieldwork
Thursday 16th June 2022Thursday 16th June GCSE History Paper 2
Health and the People
Tuesday 21st June 2022GCSE History Paper 3

May 2022


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