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At NUAST, students in Year 12 and Year 13 have the opportunity to study both Sociology and Psychology.

Curriculum Intent: Psychology

We study Psychology as it helps build an understanding of yourself and other people by learning about aspects of human behaviour that will help you in daily life, including your interactions with others, learning and memory performance, your ability to cope with pressure and your understanding of the causes of psychological disorders.

As a multi-faceted subject Psychology develops students’ awareness of cognitive processes and human behaviour. The insights students gain into motivations, thought processes, the influences of groups they interact with and many other aspects of human behaviour help them to gain a better understanding of themselves. We embed a deep knowledge and understanding of how research is carried out and how it can help solve the wide variety of modern day issues facing individuals and society. Our curriculum encourages students to use strong Science, Mathematics and literacy skills, and develops their ability to formulate arguments by presenting and critically evaluating research evidence.

We explore the utility of the subject within everyone’s lives, utilising close links with universities to embed learning and highlight the range of potential future pathways for careers and real life application.

Curriculum Intent: Sociology

Sociology offers a distinctive and enlightening way of seeing and understanding the social world in which we live and which shapes our lives. Sociology looks beyond normal, taken-for-granted views of reality, to provide deeper, more illuminating and challenging understandings of social life.

Through the study of Sociology at NUAST our students are prepared for a lifetime of change by developing their appreciation of diversity and knowledge base about human behaviour, social organisation, culture, and social change. By exploring the external forces that affect attitudes, values, and behaviours, Sociology at NUAST helps our students to better understand themselves and the motivations of others around them. Students enhance their ability to form judgements by examining sociological theories, research methods and perspectives, and evaluating their credibility.

We explore the impact of social policy decisions upon everyone’s lives. Our Sociologists utilise close links with universities to embed learning and highlight the range of potential future pathways for careers and real life application.

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