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GCSE Business Studies


GCSE Business Studies


1 x GCSE



Course Description

Unit 1 | Setting up a Business

This unit introduces candidates to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business.

Unit 2 | Growing as a Business

This unit allows candidates to study businesses as they grow and the issues that expansion raises.

Unit 3 | Investigating Businesses

This unit is a task-based controlled assessment unit. The work must be each candidates own individual response and must be produced under controlled conditions.

Students will study a range of business topics including:Core Content:

  • Starting a Business - this section introduces the issues involved with starting a business.
  • Marketing - this section provides an introduction to marketing within the context of a business with a limited budget. Consideration is given to the role of information technology in marketing.
  • Finance - this section introduces the importance of finance to a business. It investigates sources of finance and financial advice when setting up a small business. There will be an introduction to basic financial terms and simple cash flow statements.
  • People in Businesses - this section considers suitable ways by which businesses might recruit, motivate and retain staff.
  • Operations Management—this section considers the importance of operational decisions in managing a business. It explores how operations management can help a business to be more effective, and the role technology can play in this process.

Course Leader

Daniel Ward

Key Dates

Controlled assessment in year 10. Both exams at the end of year 11.

Entry Requirements

Available to all successfull applicants at NUAST.

Assessed By

Unit 1 is assessed externally by completing a written examination (1 hour) and is worth 40%.
Unit 2 is assessed externally by completing a written examination (1 hour) and is worth 35%.
Unit 3 is worth 25% and involves an internal controlled assessment which is externally moderated.

Leads to

Study at Level 3 (BTEC and A Level studies) and or entry into apprenticeship schemes.

Potential Careers

Appropriate as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for access to further studies and/or training, with a key focus on the field of business and related subjects including Marketing, Finance, Human Resources.

Student Comment

"I chose to study business because I have ambitions to run my own business when I leave education. The topics sound very interesting and will me in my future personal and professional life. It is also a good opportunity to work in groups as part of the assessments and learn to network and operate as a successful team."

Further information

AQA Business Subjects Website

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