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Sumobots coming to NUAST!

A group of students will be learning how to build and programme the bot to follow a particular path and eventually go into competition against other schools in May. Last year NUAST students were successful at winning the competition, so a repeat performance is expected!

A list of students will be drawn up over the next week, and students will be notified if they are to participate by Ms Byrne

Session 1 – building the sumovore robot, Thursday 16th March, 2pm at NUAST

Session 2 – programming the sumovore robot, Thursday 23rd March, 2pm at NUAST

Final – 12 May, 10.30-3.30pm at University of Nottingham Campus

Let battle commence!

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  • Sumobots coming to NUAST!
    For the second year running, The University of Nottingham will be coming to NUAST with their Sumobot (06/03/2017)

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