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Cambridge National in Information Technologies

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Cambridge National in Information Technologies improves students’ knowledge of the digital environment and their confidence with IT. They learn about data management issues and develop practical skills by planning and creating an integrated technological solution to communicate information.

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of different hardware and software applications and the tools and techniques used to select, store, manipulate and present data. They also explore the various risks associated with the collection, storage and use of data, including legal, moral, ethical and security issues, and how such risks can be mitigated.

Students create a technological solution that processes data and communicates information, following the phases of the project life cycle using different hardware and software technologies to create an integrated technological solution. They develop practical skills such as carrying out a SWOT analysis, creating GANTT charts, developing online surveys, and presenting data through web-based technologies.

Assessed By

50% externally assessed examination
50% internal controlled assessment (externally moderated)

Leads to

This qualification forms part of the entry requirements for progression to further education or employment in a number of different areas related to science, engineering and indeed further study of ICT and computer science.

Potential Careers

Appropriate as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for access to further studies and/or training, with a key focus on using ICT to support business in areas relating to analysing and managing data, marketing, data modelling, networking, the internet and finally the laws relating to the use of computer systems.

November 2021


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