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Celebration of Junior Maths Challenge results

NUAST has enjoyed many achievements from its very first year 7 cohort this year and with our specialist focus on the STEM curriculum, mathematics lies at the heart of the school. On 30th April thirty year 7 students took part in NUAST’s first junior maths challenge (having celebrated previous successes in the senior and intermediate competitions for older students).

We have been delighted to celebrate the certificates earned by 13 of our year 7 competitors.

Gold certificates were earned by Evie Baker and Adam Webster

Silver certificates were earned by Gabriel Chamberlain and Johny Roe

Bronze certificate winners were Kaito Furuyama, Ellie Collins, Emma Law, James Oldd, Jack Bailey, William Brown, Jacen Turk, Max Loewenthal and Caiden Storry.

Well done to you all.

The competition is open to year 7 and 8 students in UK schools and each year about 300 000 students take part. The challenge consists of 25 multiple choice problems to solve without the use of a calculator. Here are couple of this year’s maths challenge problems for you to try:

What is the last digit of the smallest positive integer whose digits add to 2019?

A 1 B 4 C 6 D 8 E 9

The diagram shows a regular hexagon PQRSTU, a square PQVW and an equilateral

triangle VXW. What is the size of angle XVR?

A 120° B 125° C 130° D 135° E 140°

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