NUAST is open to children of key-worker parents and those classed as vulnerable. From the 15th June Year 10 and 12 students should attend only on the days detailed in the letter sent to parents.

Year 10

Year 10 at NUAST

At NUAST in Key Stage 4 we aim to provide a focused, professional and high achieving environment in which young people can develop and flourish. Our students wear a professional looking uniform and they go about their studies with pride in their professional appearance and conduct. As a result, our Year 10 and Year 11 students are a credit to us and are learning how to instinctively behave in a professional, high performance environment. Many of our employer partners comment on their excellent conduct and maturity.

Our ethos is very much about opportunity; students are offered a variety of schemes, challenges, opportunities and enrichment activities throughout the year. They are learning a combination of professional, employability and practical skills which will prepare them for their next stage in life.

Head of Year

Mr Hallam

Year 10 Tutor Team

  • 10.1: Mr Coxon
  • 10.2: Mr Thompson
  • 10.3: Mrs Morgan
  • 10.4: Mr Mason
  • 10.5: Miss Barton / Miss Kemp

Tutor time

Tutor time is between 8.30-8.45 and is an opportunity for our students to network with each other, have 1-1 mentoring with their tutor and to learn essential working skills. The mentor programme is as follows:

  • Monday- PSHE session
  • Tuesday- Assembly
  • Wednesday – PSHE session
  • Thursday – Reflection of the previous week
  • Friday – Careers session