Year 10

Year 10 at NUAST

At NUAST in Key Stage 4 we aim to provide a focused, professional and high achieving environment in which young people can develop and flourish. Our students wear a professional looking uniform and they go about their studies with pride in their professional appearance and conduct. As a result, our Year 10 and Year 11 students are a credit to us and are learning how to instinctively behave in a professional, high performance environment. Many of our employer partners comment on their excellent conduct and maturity.

Our ethos is very much about opportunity; students are offered a variety of schemes, challenges, opportunities and enrichment activities throughout the year. They are learning a combination of professional, employability and practical skills which will prepare them for their next stage in life.

Head of Year

Mr Hallam

Year 10 Tutor Team

  • 10.1: Mr Coxon
  • 10.2: Mr Thompson
  • 10.3: Mrs Morgan
  • 10.4: Mr Mason
  • 10.5: Miss Barton / Miss Kemp

Tutor time

Tutor time is between 8.30-8.45 and is an opportunity for our students to network with each other, have 1-1 mentoring with their tutor and to learn essential working skills. The mentor programme is as follows:

  • Monday- PSHE session
  • Tuesday- Assembly
  • Wednesday – PSHE session
  • Thursday – Reflection of the previous week
  • Friday – Careers session