Year 11

Year 11 at NUAST

Year 11 is a crucial time for our students, their priorities over the terms will include revision, exams (mock and real), as well as forward career planning and applications to further education. We demand the highest standards of our year 11 students as they have the important job of acting as role models to lower years and ambassadors of the NUAST ethos.

Head of Year

Mrs A. King

Year 11 Tutor Team

  • 10.1: Miss Johnson
  • 10.2: Mr Harbour
  • 10.3: Mrs Choudhury
  • 10.4: Mr Hose
  • 10.5: Miss Hunter

Tutor time

Mentor time is between 8.30-8.45 and is an opportunity for our students to network with each other, have 1-1 mentoring with their tutor and to learn essential working skills. The mentor programme is as follows:

  • Monday- Assembly
  • Tuesday- PSHE
  • Wednesday – PSHE
  • Thursday – Data and weekly reflection
  • Friday - Career