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Prodrive Visit

As part of our ongoing enrichment activities, the Business department organised a competition for Y10 engineering and business students. The competition was based around a Dragons Den style panel where students designed a product and pitched it to a panel of industry experts and staff on the features of the product and how it could be marketed to the target audience.

Students worked in pairs and gave presentations to the panel of judges who were amazed at the creativeness of our students and the quality of their presentations. There were prizes for the top 3 teams (congratulations to Jake and Charlie, Kashif and Isam and Amy and Shaker).

As a reward for their efforts (as students had to prepare for this outside of lesson time), all of the students who participated were taken to Prodrive in Banbury for a tour of their operations. Prodrive design and build racing cars for Aston Martin along with lots of other projects for high profile companies. We were very lucky to be allowed access as we got to see the actual racing cars that were used in the Le Mans 2018 24 hour race which had come back from France that morning. Students also got to see other racing cars and the teams in action creating new products for clients.

February 2020


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