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Watch out!! The NUAST bikers are about!

We are extremely pleased to offer Bikeability cycle training as part of our enrichment programme. Bikeability has two stages; Level One and Level Two and is delivered by local accredited cycle training instructors!

Level One
The Bikeability Level One course helps children get more skilled and confident in riding their bikes in the playground and get them ready for cycling on the road. Riders must be able to ride a bike - pedal and freewheel - to participate in this level.

Level Two
The Bikeability Level Two course aims to improve riders’ skills and confidence for cycling on quiet roads and simple junctions without too much traffic. It prepares riders for cycling on larger and busier roads using more complicated junctions. All the riders will have to show the cycle instructors they can do everything at Bikeability Level One before they can go on the roads.

August 2022


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