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Great mathematicians using Sparx bookwork

Dear Parents,

In April of 2023 we introduced SPARX Mathematics home learning to all students. Since then, students have learned to work with this new online platform and we are very proud of the students’ work. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate 3 strengths of the new platform

Independent Learning – Your child can independently go onto Sparx and choose to learn topics they find difficult with the videos and exercises provided. There is no longer any reason for students to feel lost or uniformed.

Every home learning session is set to challenge pupils- Thanks to a very complex algorithm Sparx takes responses from your child and uses this data to calculate the right level of challenging questions for your child. This increases motivation and provides accessible homework for all our students.

Homelearning book – All students are encouraged and expected to complete their working out of their mathematics home learning in their home learning books. Below are examples of our students work.

We look forward to seeing how your child will enjoy using Sparx to be become excellent mathematicians!!

May 2024


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