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Mathematics in Action – The Garden Shed

Over the Summer I decided to replace my garden shed. I thought that it might be interesting to show some of the mathematics that I used in doing so. Shed Maths in detail

Estimating costs for the painting of the trapezoidal prism (Y7). How much for the flooring and (Y8). Setting out using ancient mathematics of Pythagoras (Y9). Ratio and proportion for the reuse of materials (Y10). Applying trigonometry to determine angles of roofing suitable for drainage (Y11). While erecting the shed a minor accident occurred (no-one was injured) and this called for some A-level mechanics to describe what happened (Y12 & Y13).

While we can never say exactly when "you will use this" mathematics gives you plenty of skills and tools to use when the opportunity arises.

Happy Christmas and Constructions

Mr Williams and the NUAST Maths Department

June 2024


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