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Yr9 Ardunio circuits

In Year 9 our NUAST Engineers use their knowledge and understanding they have learnt in Computer Science mostly, syntax, variables and different languages and then we teach them a new Language and its specific syntax and particular nuances of the language that the Arduino can be programmed using. Our students use programmable components as part of the KS3 national curriculum and as part of the KS3 NUAST Curriculum. The students start off with simple codes to control real life outputs before building onto much more complex systems they will find in the world they live in. Engineering is a great chance to apply their skills and see a real example of the code working and a system performing in a real world context.

Its not common for students at KS3 to use Arduino as other schools often chose more simple education based kits, but the Arduino platform is used in our KS4 Cambridge National in Engineering Programmable Systems , as well as at Engineering Design at KS5 for A Level or in our BTEC Engineering Extended Diploma where the students use Arduino in Unit 6. So why not start them on the platform they will continue to use right up into higher education and beyond.

June 2024


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