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Great Mathematicians Explore Maths in the Real World

On Tuesday 4th June, 116 Year 7 pupils enjoyed a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester. This visit enabled our pupils to explore Maths and Science in the real world, with a focus on Space. Pupils had the opportunity to navigate their way around several interactive galleries, work their way up the 42-metre-high Rocket Tower and learn about what being an astronaut entails through a full-dome show, The Astronaut, in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. Galleries at the National Space Centre include 'The Universe', 'Space Oddities', 'Our Solar System', 'Home Planet' and 'Into Space'. Interactive activities pupils were able to engage in ranged from touch tables, that afforded the opportunity to explore items in closer detail, to driving a Martian Rover to creating and designing our own aliens.

A great day was had by pupils and staff alike, exploring Maths and Science in the Real World."

A few weeks ago a number of our 6th form Mathematicians and Computer Scientists went to Bletchley Park and had an absolute blast! They got to deep into the world of cryptography, saw some amazing cipher machines up close, and learnt all about the legendary Alan Turing. From Enigma to Lorenz, they saw it all! It was mind-blowing to see how these machines worked and understand the maths behind encryption. Learning about Alan Turing was a highlight. They got an insight into how his work not only cracked codes but laid the groundwork for computer science as we know it today. They even had the opportunity to do some code breaking ourselves.

Mathematics is everywhere, advancing and improving our lives. What will the Great Mathematicians from NUAST do for us in the future?

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