Design and Technology GCSE

Design and Technology

At Key Stage 4 students have the option of studying GCSE Design and Technology. this is a two year course and is started in year 10.

GCSE Design and Technology will prepare our students to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors. Students will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise.

Outline of qualification

There are two assessments for Design and Technology.

2 hour examination - 50%

What's assessed

• Core technical principles

• Specialist technical principles

• Designing and making principles

30-35 hour Non-Examined Assessment

The NEA is a substantial design and make task

Assessment criteria:

• Identifying and investigating design possibilities

• Producing a design brief and specification

• Generating design ideas

• Developing design ideas

• Realising design ideas

• Analysing & evaluating

December 2023


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