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Engineering Programmable Systems

In year 11 students will have the opportunity to study Engineering programmable systems.

This qualification is aimed at learners who wish to study the range of computer and microprocessor applications in engineering, and learn how systems are used across a range of engineering environments such as product design, automated manufacturing, maintenance and stock control.

Learners will use computer-based simulation software to produce printed circuit boards (PCB) and practical skills to test the operation of circuits. Through review, learners will evaluate the completed circuits to suggest improvements in design. The Cambridge Nationals in Systems Control in Engineering will develop learners’ understanding of computer and microprocessor applications in engineering and their knowledge of basic electronic principles, applying these to the manufacture of electronic and electrical circuits. Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of the design, simulation and testing of microprocessor / microcontroller control systems and consider how a systems design problem is best solved through the use of appropriate sensors, transducers and programmable devices.

Learners are required to test the performance of their design system and be able to transfer their program to a programmable device such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) or programmable interface controllers (PIC). A practical approach to teaching and learning will provide learners with knowledge in engineering technology and underpin the assessment of their skills, challenging learners to develop scientific and mathematical techniques, encouraging critical thinking and apply dexterous skills through engaging practical experiences.

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July 2024


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