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Rocket trip at Kimberly school

The students had the opportunity to learn about the physics of rocket flight, specifically how to calculate the range and initial speed of a paper rocket powered by compressed air.

After that they had the instruction of building a paper rocket, test it and build a calibration curve and finally compete with the other teams present at the event with a precision challenge. The morning session was quite interesting and enjoyable, with all our teams contributing really well to the discussion. The shooting of the rocket brought out the competitive spirit of all the students, and the race to hit the end wall soon ensued. Wiktor and Zong soon managed (amongst the general amusement) to get their rockets stuck on the ceiling of the sports hall and had to start over.

The competition in the afternoon was very tense, with most of our own students managing to stay with the competition until the very end. Final results: congratulations to the team from the Nottingham High School for Girls for narrowly winning, and even more to our own Skye, Theone and Ben for winning a shoot-off against the host school and getting second place! All in all our students enjoyed the day and now have much more advanced ability to shoot paper across a room.

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