KS4 Options

Our vision:

To create a highly aspirational STEM specialist school that will allow our students to go beyond what they thought possible and lead fulfilled lives


We are delighted to introduce you to NUAST and the range of options available to our students. Our aim is to ensure that young people who are passionate about Science, Computing or Engineering have opportunities to realise their maximum potential with us. We offer a clear, hardworking ethos in specialised facilities, where students can follow GCSE, Cambridge National, A Level, BTEC and Cambridge Technical courses.

With a strong academic approach, caring pastoral system and the opportunity to develop employment related and leadership skills, we strongly believe that our students will be fully equipped to successfully compete for places in Higher/Further Education or the increasingly competitive job market.

The Curriculum Offer:

We provide a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum ensuring our students have a choice of subjects that gives them the knowledge, skills and opportunities to prepare them for life in the 21st century. We have a wide variety of courses that will open doors to future success.

All subjects will be studied over a 2-year course, with exams taking place in the summer of year 11.

All students must study the following subjects:

All students must study the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (triple)
  • PE (non-GCSE)
  • A Humanities faculty subject (Religious Studies, History, Geography or Spanish)

The option blocks:

In addition to the above, students must choose one option from each of the following blocks:

Humanities Choice -- Option A -- Option B
GCSE Geography CNAT Engineering Manufacture CNAT Engineering Design
GCSE History Technical Award in Hospitality and Catering GCSE Art and Photography
GCSE Spanish GCSE Business GCSE Business
GCSE Religious Studies GCSE Computer Science CNAT Sports Science
GCSE History GCSE Spanish
GCSE Religious Studies GCSE Product Design
GCSE Geography

Parent/Carer Role:

Please spend some time with your child thinking about what subjects they enjoy doing, what keeps them interested and motivated. Staff at the academy, will also be supporting your child through this process. Other things to consider should include:

  • Enjoyment
  • Attainment in the subjects you are choosing
  • University / Career aspirations
  • Balance and Breadth
  • Being prepared to meet the requirements of the course
  • Teachers' advice

Parents/Carers should advise their child making choices because:

  • Your childs friends are doing it
  • Someone else liked it when they were doing it
  • Casual advice, however well meant
  • Having a good relationship with the teacher
  • It ‘might be easy’

The process:

  • An opportunity for you to find out more by talking to teachers.
  • 8th February – Assembly to launch the options process - Online presentation to parents (evening)
  • w/c 19th February – Taster lessons.
  • 29th February – Year 9 Parents Evening and Options presentation (chance to select options).
  • 4th March – Options process completed. Follow up conversations to take place if required.

Course guide:

The guide below contains detailed information about each of the subjects available. Click on the icons of each subject to view the full description.

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